Do Acne Home Remedies Really Work? The Answer May Surprise You

What Counts As An Acne Home Remedy?

Anyone who has suffered from acne has at least thought about trying some home remedies to treat their acne. And why not? It’s certainly cheaper than going to the dermatologist. There is a lot of information on the Internet about acne home remedies, but what really counts as a home remedy? Well, that depends on how you want to look at it.

Broadly defined, I would say an acne home remedy is anything you do or use to treat your acne that wasn’t specifically manufactured for the purpose of treating acne. This could include anything from eating certain foods and drinking lots of water to making your own elaborate concoctions to put on your face. If you want to be more rigid in your definition, much of what you read about acne home remedies is going to be about natural plants and herbs that may have some acne fighting property to them.

Common Acne Home Remedies

There are hundreds, if not thousands, of acne home remedies floating around out there. You’ve probably heard, or even tried, several of them. These remedies get passed down from generation to generation and some end up being more popular than others. Who knows what causes one remedy to be proliferated more than another, but it doesn’t always seem to have anything to do with the effectiveness of the remedy. Whatever the reason for their popularity, here are a few acne home remedy ingredients that you may have heard of.

  • Peppermint
  • Aloe Vera
  • Oatmeal
  • Lemon Juice

Nearly all acne home remedies involve a recipe and some form of preparation, so don’t just start applying these things to your face at random. Of course, you are free to experiment with your own home remedies, but it is probably best to stick with things that other people have already tried.

Do They Work?

Your skin is unique to you. The way it reacts to certain ingredients will be different than the way someone else’s skin reacts. For that reason, it is difficult to say whether any particular acne home remedy works or not. The real question is will they work for you.

Let me give you an example. One home remedy that I have heard of involves making a paste out of honey and cinnamon powder and then applying the paste to the skin. This probably worked great for someone or else I most likely never would have heard about it. On the other hand, I have a niece who breaks out into giant hives if she gets anywhere near cinnamon. Obviously, this remedy would not work for her. This may be an extreme example, but it makes my point. You may not be allergic to anything, but the point here is that the healing properties of a particular ingredient may work well for one person and have absolutely no effect on you what so ever.

They key with acne home remedies is to be careful and experiment until you find something that works for you. Most treatments take some time before you see any beneficial results, so have patients. If you try a different home remedy everyday, you will have no idea what worked and what didn’t. The best thing you can do is learn about all the home remedies you can and then go through them systematically until you find something that works well for your skin.

Tinnitus Home Remedies To Treat The Condition Naturally

Tinnitus is a Latin word which means ringing. The tinnitus home remedies can effectually treat the condition, but before that it is important to understand this condition. It is considered that tinnitus is not a disease but an early symptom for various wide ranges of problems. This makes the condition to be treated quickly, and tinnitus home remedies are capable in treating the condition. In the condition of tinnitus a person hears some kind of sounds even when there is no external source for sound; that is why it is commonly called as ringing in ear. Also, the sound may be heard in one ear or both ears. The elderly people are more affected by this condition rather than younger generations. But in many cases it is found that young person was suffering from ringing in the ear, and tinnitus home remedies can successfully cure both elderly as well as young peoples.

There are two main kinds of tinnitus that cover all the causes for ringing in ear. The first one is called objective ringing in ear and other one is recognized as subjective ringing in ear.

Firstly, in the first kind that is objective, a person hears sounds that may occur due to muscle spasms in the middle ear. Also, many people may experience sound that beats with the pulse. It occurs due to increase in blood turbulence near ear, or else due to altered blood flow near ear. This condition may be the symptom of some dire diseases, foe instance giant cell arteritis. The tinnitus home remedies are found to be effective in treating the condition.

Secondly, the other kind of ringing in ear covers wide range of causes, and the most common cause is noise induced hearing loss due to exposure to loud noises. In addition, the ototoxic drugs can also cause ringing in the ear or increase the damage caused by loud noises. The causes for arising the subjective ringing in ear might include sensorineural hearing loss, side effects of analgesics, antibiotics, chemotherapy, antiviral medications and loop diuretics. The tinnitus home remedies are effective on ringing of ear that has occurred due to any of the mentioned causes. Some effective tinnitus home remedies are mentioned ahead to solve this condition both quickly and effectively.

1. Take antioxidant coenzyme Q10 to increase immunity. Also it will help in proper blood circulation in the ear.

2. In case of ear ringing due to infection use powdered bayberry bark, goldenseal, myrrh gum and burdock root. It will eliminate infection and purify the blood.

3. In case of decrease in blood flow in the ear use ginkgo biloba. It will help in proper circulation of blood in the ear.

4. Eating fresh pineapples regularly will help to get rid of this irritating condition.

5. Increase intake of garlic, sea vegetable and kelp.

6. This is one of the most effective remedy amongst all other tinnitus home remedies. Prepare a solution by mixing one teaspoon of salt, one teaspoon of glycerin. Also add one pint of water. Pour this solution in a nasal spray bottle. Spray it in the nostrils till back of the throat begins to drain. Also, spray on the throat. Use this remedy at least thrice daily.

Home Remedies for Acne: Know the Effective Ones

Acne has been long known as one of the most common disorders of the teenage duration but there are home remedies for acne that can alleviate your discomfort. This disorder of skin occurs naturally due to several causes and the main cause of this has not yet been identified. According to an estimate around 70% of adolescents usually suffer from the disorder of acne. Generally the pimples or acne appear on the areas of face, chest, shoulders, neck and back. This does not critically damage the health but it does cause the scars.

The majority of individuals try several home remedies for acne treatment, instead of going for the products that are artificially made. This preference for the natural remedies not only carries rationality and significance but is also very time and cost-effective.

You need not rely solely on your dermatologist for the acne treatment. By making use of home remedies for acne you can definitely find a perfect cure for you and your kids. In this article, there are several home remedies for acne treatment that have been utilized.

Along with a large prescription set as well as the over counter acne medications that are nowadays available in the market; there are several useful home remedies for acne treatment. These remedies have worked wonderfully well for majority of people. There are several useful treatments that may be helpful for your acne problem.

  • You can make paste of orange peel (in grinded form) along with some clean water. Apply this paste on the affected region of skin. This remedy has been long known as home remedy for treating acne.
  • You need to make paste of almond powder along with water and then apply it to your face. Leave this paste to dry on your face and then wash it off thoroughly.
  • You can also use the paste of one teaspoon of cinnamon blended in one teaspoon of fresh lemon juice. Apply it on affected skin area.
  • You can also use the blend of turmeric powder and half teaspoon of sandalwood in some clean water. Apply it on your skin’s affected areas, as this is one of the most useful treatments for acne.
  • Mixture of cucumber paste can also be applied on the face for effective treatment of acne. You must wash it off after 30 to 45 minutes.
  • Paste of black gram and sandalwood powder may also function as an effective home remedy for acne treatment. You must wash it off with clean cold water.
  • Blend one teaspoon of cinnamon powder and honey to make a paste, and apply it on your pimples, leave overnight to see good results. You may repeat this twice a week for better lasting results.
  • Paste of un-boiled milk and nutmeg may also cure the acne problem effectively.

Drinking plenty of water is always a helpful remedy and this also brings back the glow of your skin. Home remedies for acne may function well for everyone and it depends greatly on your patience and persistence.